Calling for Expression of Interest

Projects: 4 Artists 4 Hours and Secret Artists Tea Break 2019

Sydney: February & September

Melbourne: March, May, July & November

EOI is open for Creatives, which could be: 

Visual Artists, Performers, Designers, Makers, Startups and individuals that are active or planning to be active amongst the small businesses scene. 

The projects are most suitable for Creatives that are: 

  • Within the first 5 year of their nominated field and seeking a platform, to make connections with potential stakeholders and/or to reactivate past contacts (and ready to make an effort to reach out to them)

  • Ready to communicate with audiences in person and online

  • Interested in discussion regarding marketing​ and communication

  • Keen to share their experience (or savvy-ness) in terms of their designated field, in technology or in business

How it works:

Send your EOI to including (the same email): 

  • a 1-2 page CV or EOI statement that describe what you do and what would you like to share during the events

  • 3-5 images (Visual artists or Designers) or up to 5 mins video (Performers) or link to your official website and 2 references on Linkedin (Makers and Startups)

All EOIs will be reviewed on first-come-first serve bases; although I am accepting EOIs all year-round, I will compile a list of participants in February and August. Please stay tuned on #teamart2public for updates.

Selection will be based on merits or how well the Creatives would interact with others during the events, evidence are strongly encouraged (please include in CV/ EOI Statement).

Event venues and ticketing information will be released about 4-6 weeks prior to the events; a promotion calendar and social media collaboration guide will be shared with selected individuals to assist your process. 

Selected individuals are expected to contribute to the panel discussions and social media during and after the events (for at least 2 months), these are key components of the events, if you’re not comfortable doing so, these events may not be the best fit for you.


Hello Creatives,

Let's build a community with engaging conversations, constructive feedback and keenness to get to know what the audience think/want - then work towards your own campaign in the future.

Nobody's perfect, own it! Share your process with your non-competitive peers; not everything's going to be useful but you can learn from each other's story. We're not forming a band so no one is obligated to work with one another or need to out-do each other.

After this, plan your next step with your new community.
Use this as your platform, get started or start again.


This is a self-funded event like venue, equipment hire, temporary fixtures and etc., so please understand that I need to make my selection very carefully. 

If these projects are of your interest, please message; or if it's not your time yet, please still consider sharing this with your friends! 

There's no harm for a quick chat 


The Chatty Curator

my vlogs during 2018 EOIs