Recap: Secret Artists Tea Break, 17.11.18

On 17/11/18, a beta version of the Secret Artists Tea Break was held at MakMak Macaron's hidden shop space and enjoyed by many.

This event was held as a casual affair with the focus regarding social (online) media use, emerging talents and challenges ahead for Creatives in the cities, Sydney and Melbourne in particular.

During the 1.5 hrs event, the artist and a special guest shared a table with 10 other guests and enjoyed lovely snacks catered by MakMak Macaron, at an unplanned moment, the artist Oliver Ayres performed a short set of spoken poetry Kaddish by Allen Ginsburg.

Oliver is a Sydney based young theatre performer and storyteller. He discovered the power of film and performance at a young age and studied under the tuition of Sheridan Harbridge and many notable professionals in the field. I noticed from his bio that he constantly challenges himself and strives to be his best - evidenced in 2015, very shortly after leaving theatre school, he was casted in the theatre production of Kaleidoscope, Co-directed by Finn Davis & Charles O’Grady. Sydney Arts Guide's Judith Greenway, reviewed his Kaleidoscope performance as 'crafted beautifully. Each movement natural yet absorbing... We will happily follow him to the breakdown that will break our hearts in a finely measured acting tour de force.’

After Oliver's engaging performance, special guest Anja Bizjak-Johnson was introduced. Regarding herself as "lucky enough to never having to be a full-time struggling artist", she has been an active improvisation theatre coach and has written a few plays while living in Europe. She also works as a manager in marketing and communication, Anja and I had led a conversation about the rise of digital platforms, the opportunities and threats that Creatives face when interested in ‘giving it a go’. Anja's insightful conversation with the events guests was certainly a focal point of this special event.

Anja is a very good friend of mine and the self-confessed "Smarty-pants" is currently working on her 4th play; I am keen to share her future works with more Aussie audiences.

I would like to take this opportunity to share my definition about the Creatives: they can be artists, performers, musicians, makers, startups and active community members; they may or may not be operating in their relevant industries in full time bases but they are passionate about they craft and open to communicate with others.

At the end of this special occasion, staff of MakMak brought out a beautiful blueberry buttercream cake and smaller group conversation carried on (over to the pub of course...)

I appreciate special guest Anja Bizjak-Johnson; artists Oliver Ayres and ICACM; Makmak Macarons and all guests for attending this special event. I look forward to bringing you more events in 2019.

Best, Arthur the Chatty Curator Photo by Celestine, Alex, William, Graham & Anja

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